Luchi and aloor dum is one of the most palatable delicacies of Bengalees. This very sumptuous dish uses to be served to the most adorable guests in Bengali families. Today, Andarmahal looks into the recipe of the same


1) Aloo = 1kg

2) Onions = 150gms

3) Cashew nut = 100gms

4) Ginger = 50gms

5) Coconut = grated two table spoon

6) Curds = 100gms

7) Cream = two table spoon

8) Green chilly = 5gms

9) Coriander powder = 10gms

10) Garam masala = a pinch

11) Oil = 150 gms

12) Dhania pata(OPTIONAL) = FEW SPRIG

13) Salt = to taste


1) peel & cut the potatoes.

2) slice the onions & boil it & soaked the cashew nut  in water at least one hr ,cut the ginger & make a paste of ginger.

3) now make a paste of boiled onion and cashew nut separately.

4) per boil the potatoes & deep fried til golden brown.

5) heat oil, add boiled onion paste & ginger paste ,stir properly

6) add coriander powder ,when oil floats then add cashew nut paste and stir properly and again when oil floats add potatoes.

7) stir properly, add grated coconut, sprinkle garam masala  & salt to taste

8) lastly add cream & chopped dhania pata for garnishing.

9) serve hot with paratha or luchi.


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