“PITHES AND PULIS” are the traditional bengali desserts for the Poush Sankranti. It is a ritual and a family celebration to make pithes on this auspicious occasion. Just past the sankranti, Andarmahal decided to share a marvelous item from the huge range of our sweet “Pithes & Pulis”. It is “GOKUL PITHE”, one of the finest & most delicious of them all.


1) Curd Cheese (Chhana – the casein from milk) 300 gms.
2) 1/2 Coconut – in grated condition.
3) Khoya Kheer – 150 gms.
4) Cashews, raisins almonds little quantity (will be mentioned as dry fruits).
5) Rice powder 1 table spoon.
6) Maida 1 cup.
7) Milk 1 cup.
8) White oil.
9) Sugar 500 gms.


1) Take 5 cups of water and add the entire sugar. Boil for sometime and stir intermittently. Continue for some time and check the stickyness. Thus the sweet juice will be ready.
2) Grind chhana, khoya kheer & grated coconut together. Now, add this and the dry fruits to a tawa on flame and stir for sometime to make a proper mix. Add maida to this dow and mix properly.
3) In a different pot mix rice powder, milk and maida together.
4) Take small balls from the previously prepared dow. Dip it in the milk mix and fry well in hot oil on a tawa. Deep these fried balls in the sweet juice prepared earlier.
5) Soak the PITHES properly in the juice and serve them with the juice itself.

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